OH MY GOD! What Shepard Smith Just Said About Trump Today Is Going To Get Him Fired!

Image Source: Fox News

OH MY GOD! What Shepard Smith Just Said About Trump Today Is Going To Get Him Fired!

On Thursday, Fox News’ Shepard Smith proved once again that he should be fired. He went off on President Trump and defended CNN after Trump’s press conference.

He absolutely BASHED the fake news media. Watch him tear CNN apart.

According to TV Line:

“He’s an accomplished reporter — a guy I’ve never met, but a good reporter,” Smith said of Acosta. “[Trump was] treating him like … I’m not even going to use the word. I’m not going to give Twitter the love it needs. It’s crazy what we’re watching everyday, it’s absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating ridiculous throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia, as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question.”

Watch Shepard Smith show his true colors.

Why is he defending CNN though? It’s because he is a shill. Why does Fox News keep this guy? He’s like the new Megyn Kelly. Nobody watches him and he should go jump to NBC.

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  1. What happened to respect for your leaders ,Shepherd you or no one else needs to know national secrets , didn't hear this when Obama was taking our money and giving it to our enemies ,where were you and all the rest that ask the questions of our PRESIDENT, you and more like you need to be fired and start acting like real reporters ,you do know they report NEWS ,not demand answers from Mr .President Trump.

  2. Most true blooded American wants the truth!!! Honestly I am tired of bashing Trump! I am getting to where I don,t even want watch the New
    because of all the poor losers.

  3. You need to accept the truth! You should go to cnn! I think that you will fit right in. You shouldn’t talk against your president on the news. Keep your private feelings to yourself, we the people are getting sick of all this criticism of President Trump. We voted him in so accept it. The people has spoken! So be quite it’s over(Cry Babies) .Democrates need to get over it and stop all this baby stuff! They are just killing there selves ,they keep on, the people might never vote them back in.Stop being poor losers!!!


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