About Liberty Writers

Liberty Writers, a nationally recognized media source was originally established in June 2016 by creators Paris Wade (AKA Paris Swade) and Ben Goldman (AKA Danny Gold). It was established to fight the media bias and help in the fight to make America great again.

We strive to be the news that you can count on. If you need to reach us, contact us here.

Ben Goldman – President/Co-Founder

Texas-born and Tennessee-raised, Ben Goldman is a man who loves and respects his country, and all-American roots. Growing up, he and his family traveled the world, allowing for experiences and education of different practices and history. A fascination for politics started at a young age when Ben began reading various writings by Benjamin Franklin, including Poor Richard’s Almanack, which he has carried a copy with him for almost two decades. Finding leisure and interest into the depths of American history has always been Ben’s calling card.

In 2013, Ben graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management. Accompanied by this newfound education and longterm passion for politics, he was brought on as the COO and head editor at USA Liberty Media, LLC. Soon after, he began writing political pieces for the news organization, and eventually decided to bring on board his good friend, and future Liberty Writers partner, Paris Wade.

Almost immediately, articles written by the two young men began achieving massive vitality. One in particular – the 2015 breaking news story of France’s response to ISIS’ Paris attack – received millions of views in a span of 2 hours, shutting down the website where it was posted.

After realizing their successes, Ben and Paris decided to venture out from USA Liberty Media, and in August of 2016, they formed their own company, Liberty Writers. In a span of just months, Ben managed to grow the website from the ground up, where it is now ranked by Alexa as one of the Top 300 websites in the United States. Currently, Liberty Writers reaches an average of 20+ million unique visitors per month, further solidifying Ben Goldman into one of political media’s leading writers and voices.

Presenting authentic and factual news in a highly entertaining manner is what has made Liberty Writers an overnight success. Ben’s particular writing style is humorous and honest, and his use of determined, bold headlines is what motivates millions of people to read his editorials.
Inspired to change the world and improve his country, Ben has no fear of voicing his opinions, but yet always remembers to put his audience before himself. With a determined spirit that is unstoppable, he foresees that the future for Liberty Writers will entail viral video content and an expansion toward a broader range of topics.
Paris Wade: Vice President/ Co-Founder

Originally born in New York City, Paris Wade couldn’t call himself a city boy for long, as his family moved to the small town of Maryville, Tennessee when he was very young. Growing up in the countryside enabled Paris to immerse himself in nature, where he spent a lot of time hiking and camping in the woods right behind his house. Nevertheless, his fervor for the great outdoors took a back seat when Paris discovered that he also had a deep passion for writing, and for reading American and World History books.

At the age of 18, Paris began studying at the University of Tennessee and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising, and a minor in business. He went on to contract for several companies related to online video advertising including Ridemade Productions, The Get Smart Group, and Great Monday.

When he was only 22, Paris founded a successful music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee called Fort Sanders Fest, where over $8,000 in ticket sales was donated to the Nourish International charity. The integrated marketing campaign that Paris had created to raise the money received a silver ADDY® Award.

Prior to co-founding Liberty Writers, Paris was offered a job to be a political writer at DC Gazette by his good friend, and then future Liberty Writers business partner, Ben Goldman. Ben had recognized Paris’ strong work ethic and talent for sales, and soon after, the two ventured off to create their own political news site.

It was in August 2016 that Paris and Ben founded Liberty Writers, and it didn’t take long for the site to crack the Top 300 websites in the United States (as certified by Alexa). Currently, Liberty Writers reaches 20+ million unique visitors a month and sees 2 million video views daily.

Having a superior eye for impactful stories is why Paris Wade is one of the most talked about political writers today. His objective is to make real news entertaining, and have people talk about politics in relation to the ways the subject affects their lives. Through his articles, Paris continues to encourage people to have a voice and stand up for their opinions.