Anderson Cooper HACKED! Look What Sick Thing Leaked That He Did To Trump

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted about Judge Roy Moore’s Election loss. He pointed out that the odds were stacked against him.

via Twitter
Right after he tweeted that Anderson Cooper tweeted the following.

Whoops. That looks bad for ol’ Andy Cooper. His defense was like way weak too. Check this out. Look what CNN had to say about the whole issue.

Some people didn’t believe the official CNN response and think that Anderson Cooper is just covering for his apparently angry outburst.

Time and time again the talking heads and celebrities in America attack our President and then accuse of him of being a demogogue. It’s damned sad! The best part of Anderson Cooper’s apparent outburst is that he didn’t seem to apologize too hard about it.

There is an even bigger hack and that’s Anderson Cooper himself. Don’t listen to me. Listen to the ratings. His ratings have been halved since last year.

Describe Anderson Cooper below in two words. Best answer gets to be my hero.

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