Kellyanne Conway Just Looked At The Camera And Took Down Hillary Clinton With What She Said Next!

You might have seen it by now, how Hillary Clinton just came out and showed how she hasn’t learned a single thing since she lost to President Trump.

Oh, sure, the words came out of her mouth that she accepted personal responsibility for being a LOSER, but what she really did was blame FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks for her loss.

And, she’s also been blaming the fact that she’s a woman, ever since she lost.

But, guess who else is a woman? And guess who is now in a very powerful position in the White House? That’s right: it’s White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway.

Look at that last line, ya’ll! Don’t you just love her! She shot right back at Hillary Clinton, pointing out, quite directly, that she IS a Woman in the White House! And, of course, all the reasons that Hillary REALLY lost the election, fair and square, to the better candidate.

As a woman, I can say that, while some obstacles remain, we have every opportunity to succeed in this country. I’m tired, just like Kellyanne Conway obviously is, of hearing Hillary Clinton try to take the focus off of ALL the reasons she really lost, and try to blame it on her femaleness. Cut the crap, Hillary!

If you agree with Kellyanne’s tweet, please share this story out everywhere! Let’s get it all the way back to her. I think it would make her really happy!

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