Shocking New Video Surfaces Of Nancy Pelosi And She Must Resign Immediately For Good Of Country

Nancy Pelosi is having a tough year. Hillary lost, which wasn’t entirely a shock to DC insiders who knew the race was close and knew America loathed Hillary.

But no one really saw what Hillary did to the rest of the Democrat ticket coming. Every Dem thought, at the very least, they would take back the Senate.

Russ Feingold was leading by double digits late in his Wisconsin Senate race. But as the race tightened Hillary’s arrogance – she refused pleas for help from Feingold and watched him sink in the polls thinking it wouldn’t affect her.

But the reason Russ was sinking was because of Hillary and she couldn’t bother to even show up in Wisconsin and put up a fight.

So the real shocker was not that Hillary lost but that the Dems didn’t take the Senate. And that is Hillary’s true tragedy – she not only lost the White House but she gave the GOP the Senate.

If I was a Democrat I would never forgive her. And Pelosi knew how disastrous that would be.

The Democrats have no power, as long as the GOP stays together, they will have none.

The best she can hope for is to to divide and delay.

It won’t work. But she went out to the podium yesterday to try and was all set to bash Trump’s tax plan.

But it backfired.

Horribly. In the most humiliating way possible. And that is saying a lot for Nancy Pelosi.

She either was drunk, unprepared, or has some health issues she is hiding from the public because she did not look good.

Forgetting what time of day it was, mumbling, forgetting names, botching easy words and butchering complex ones – it was a performance that normally would start calls for her to step down.

And should – if she is not of sound mind she must do so for the good of the country.

According to the American Mirror this was the most embarrassing of her moments,

“Why would they take away this extraordinary medical, uh, uh, deduction, medical, extraordinary medical expenses,” Pelosi rambled before botching the word “permanently,” and then it happened.

Like a deer caught in the headlights Pelosi had another one of all too frequent brain frees. How many of these do we have to see before she does the right thing and steps down?

She tried to say:

“Tax advantage to, uh…,” as she looked hopelessly lost at the gasping reporters, as if to say where am I before mumbling something about jobs.

It’s time Nancy, for the good of the country step down. Share if you agree.

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