During Round Of Golf With Trump, Japan’s PM Takes A Tumble That’s BOUND To Leave A Mark

It’s possible the Japanese Prime Minister just experienced one of the more embarrassing moments of his life.

And it’s possible it happened while he was standing mere feet from the world’s most powerful leader.

And it’s possible we’ve got it on video.

Check it out (via Barstool Sports):

滅茶苦茶だよ、安倍。 pic.twitter.com/RpiDToG30n

— umekichi (@umekichkun) November 8, 2017

President Trump was golfing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe while on a visit to the country during his Asia tour when the leader apparently lost his balance on the course.

This is about as cringey as it gets, to say the least.

But like, mad props to Shinzo for landing on his feet the way he did after that initial roll through the sand—that was some skillful footwork on his part.

It appears in the video that Trump might not have noticed what happened, which would be pretty dang lucky for Shinzo Abe, should that be the case.

Nevertheless, what a stumble. What. A. Video. This is why we love the internet, folks.

Trump’s tour also took him to South Korea, where he made a powerful speech against North Korea that was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

Naturally, the North Koreans weren’t too happy—let’s be honest, they never are—and they went sufficiently berserk in the hours following.

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