George Clooney Stuns Liberals, Gives Jaw Dropping Compliment To President Trump

Well this was unexpected. Hollywood is so anti-Trump they don’t even know why anymore.Like Pavlov’s dog, ring the bell by saying Trump’s name and the left comes running all full of phony outrage.Easily programmed the left is, and that is one reason, among many, that they have no power left in America.A leaderless party never rises and make no mistake the Democrats are leaderless.At least according to George Clooney. George just admitted the truth about Trump and in the process gave him the ultimate compliment.Clooney doesn’t think the Democrats have any leader close to Trump in class and ability and he thinks they will lose the 2020 election to Trump in they can’t find one quick.Clooney gave an exclusive interview with The UK Times and stunned liberals across America with what he confessed about Trump.The left is used to Clooney bashing Trump. They take perverse pleasure in watching it. But he disappointed them this time.Maybe the huge flop that is his new movie smacked some sense into him?“We don’t have a good Democratic candidate yet. Trump, for all his terrible instincts, is very charismatic. A TV star. People didn’t vote for him because he accomplished anything. They knew him. And they were, like, he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.”Clooney went on to say the leaderless Democrats are in a tough spot with none of their potential candidates making an impact.“Do the Democrats need a celebrity? “Not necessarily,” Clooney said before adding, “But you need someone who can light up the room.”Like Trump does.Look the Democrats are out of good ideas and have no more lies to run on so it will be hard for any candidate to overcome those flaws.Let alone beat someone as accomplished as President Trump. Share if you agree.

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