New Discovery In Pyramid Stuns Scientists, May Prove Ben Carson Right After All

The left went absolutely crazy when Ben Carson said the Pyramids were used for grain storage. They literally lost their collective minds.

As if they would know. Look, history is murky and oftentimes the next generation uses what the ancients built for different purposes.

Look at Stonehenge.

So it was more than annoying to see the left come out in unison to bash Ben for saying the Pyramids were used or could have been used to store grain.

And now, according to a stunning new report from National Geographic, archaeologists just discovered a massive secret room in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Now before the left goes nuts on me, let me be clear – I am not saying Ben is correct. I am saying they found a huge new room inside the Pyramid they did not know was there before, and they don’t know what it was used for.

It certainly could have been used to store grain, whether for the pharaoh in the afterlife, or even for the people who lived there later and took advantage of the structure.

Point is we don’t know. But the left thinks they know everything. And they do not. For if they did Hillary would be President.

And last I checked she was travelling the world on her book tour better known as Hillary’s tour of blame.

“This is definitely the discovery of the century,” archaeologist and Egyptologist Yukinori Kawae told National Geographic Emerging Explorer. “There have been many hypotheses about the pyramid, but no one even imagined that such a big void is located above the Grand Gallery.”

The chamber is 153 feet long and is 26 feet high. It is the first massive unknown inner chamber found inside the almost 5,000 year-old structure since the 1800’s.

Proving liberals do not know everything. And just maybe they owe Ben Carson an apology. Share if you agree.

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