President Trump Discovers Easy Way To Send Hillary Clinton To Jail For A Long Time

President Trump went on Fox News’ hit new show hosted by Laura Ingraham last night to set the record straight. To bypass the liberal media. To get the truth out.

He spoke on immigration, the swamp, the bold new pro-growth GOP tax plan and of course Hillary Clinton and her many, and seemingly endless, crimes.

She is a one woman crime machine that is for sure.

She never met a law she didn’t want to break, or maybe it just appears that way now because every day is another bombshell about how crooked she really is.

And these are not allegations, they are all proven bombshells that should have Hillary hiring an army of lawyers to save her butt from a long jail sentence.

But she somehow gets away with it. It is a travesty of justice.

Hillary wants to get around the FOIA law, no problem we will look the other way while she sets up a private server.

She is losing to Bernie Sanders and is so arrogant she thinks she should be president so she rigs the election and no one says a word.

The only question left, and this is key, is rigging the primary against Bernie a crime? If it is, she needs to pay for it. Like anyone else.

And that is where Trump came out and terrified Hillary. Remember – everyone, even Liz Warren agrees Hillary rigged the primary. That is not in doubt. What is in doubt is it a crime.

Trump said,

“I think it’s like a major story. Now, I don’t know if the mainstream fake media, because they are fake and phony, but I just don’t know if they are going to pick it up. I want to tell you, that is a big story what you’re saying. It’s illegal, number one.”

And there you have it. It’s illegal and the proof she did it is clear. Jeff Sessions are you listening to your boss? Because this is the easy way to put Hillary in prison for a long time.

Rigging an election… That has to be a serious crime in a democracy. Share if you agree.

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