Sean Hannity Sends Shivers Down Spine Of Liberal America With Ominous Warning Of What’s Coming Next

Sean Hannity just sent a chilling warning to liberal America. And based on the method and the timing, someone is about to get a bombshell dropped on their heads.

This is not the first time Hannity has taken to twitter to drop a warning about what was coming on his show that night. Nor the first time a cable news host used this medium to hint at what’s to come.

We all remember when Rachel Maddow tweeted out that she had Trump’s tax returns and would make them public. She promoted and gloated and then after a 20 minute introduction… went to an extended commercial break.

When she got back she was humiliated as the tax returns proved Trump correct and Rachel Maddow 100% wrong.

It was worse than Geraldo and Al Capone’s empty vault. The biggest flop in modern television. What’s worse for her is that Trump probably sent them to her to make her look foolish.

Hannity however, like Trump, delivers.

Tick Tock. Stay tuned.

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 6, 2017

According to the Gateway Pundit, Hannity has used this technique twice, and each time he dropped mega bombshells on his Fox program.

One was a huge revelation about Obama and the Hillary, Clinton Foundation, Russia nuke deal.

This one could be a similar story as Sean already has good inside sources on that or it could be about the other Podesta.

You know not Hillary’s campaign chairman, the other Podesta. The crooked lobbyist.

The one that worked with Manafort on his Russia related lobbying. The same one that had to change his FARA forms as well.

Time will tell but you know someone is nervous in that camp.

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