The Minute Sarah Sanders Appeared In Asia, Journalists Noticed The SHOCKING Thing On Her Shoulders

On Wednesday, Trump visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone. One “brave soldier” did huge chivalrous act for Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the weather was cold that morning and hovered around 40 degrees at the US Army Garrison at Yongsan.

Sanders was seen “shivering” and a U.S. Army Ranger offered his jacket to her.

Image Source Twitter via @PressWestWing
While attempting to transport Trump to the Korean DMZ, military pilots were unable to see each other because of the dense fog. They turned around.

“There wasn’t enough visibility to land,” Sanders said. “It would have been really dangerous.”

According to Western Journalism, they waited for the weather to clear but conditions just got worse instead.

It’s a shame how the media treats our President. He is such a champ and yet they attack and attack him. Share this if you think that we have the best people in our military.

Let’s send them a thank you on behalf of every Trump supporter. Comment “Thank You soldiers” for helping out our Sarah Sanders.

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