Lou Dobb’s Just Wrecked Jeff Sessions And Talks About The The Dirty Secret Deep State May Have On Him

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs thinks that Jeff Sessions may have been compromised by the Deep State. He recused himself from the Russia-Collusion witch hunt that is plaguing the Trump administration. He seems to have been set up according to Lou Dobbs.

Remember what Trump said back in July 25, 2017.

Check this out via Lou Dobbs.

Lou Dobbs: “I have great respect for Jeff Sessions. He’s been an important voice in the US Senate. His disappearance makes me think either they have an enormous file on him in the deep state that is prohibiting him from serving the president he signed up to serve.”

Now, let’s get this OUT THERE. We need to get the word out about Jeff Sessions. God bless the United States. Keep on fighting!

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